Mickey Scalzo

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I was born in upstate New York in a small rural city. Was schooled in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Grew up hopeing that I would be able to leave some sort of mark on the world, and have been trying to do just that ever since. I can only hope and pray that somewhere down the line, that what I am doing matters to someone. I also want to thank my closest friends, and family for standing behind me in everything I do. WIthout the love and understanding of those around you, you are nothing. Continue to work hard and there is no limit to what life will bring to you.


"You didn't see him coming, but you can't forget him now. Mickey has been traveling the world for the past fifteen years, stopping only to enlighten the masses, and has been providing the pain behind the scene in Miami for the past three. Intellectual and  deviant, darkened, but never out-gunned, Mickey has worked with the mild and wild and has brought light into the darkest places of Miami. His creations in skin and canvas have torn through the playing field and allowed him to now sit at at the big kids table. There can be no realism in life until one realizes that life is unreal. An artist from within, and a mentor to those who dare to question his ways, Mickey can be found in almost every unlit corner. You only need to delve a little deeper....

With nearly 30 world-wide awards for his tattooing, Mickey is proud to work with anyone who wants to truly experience the change of scratching away the old skin we were given at birth, and releasing the inner self that lays dormant in us all. There is only one true being within you, and Mickey can help you find your way to the surface and finally breathe the air that awaits above...."

- Artists Magazine November 2008

"We were so happy to be able to meet with Mickey Scalzo! An incredible man, and an outstanding artist that truly sets the standard in today's less than appreciated underground world of tattooing and simple street artistry. Spending time with him in his shop in Connecticut even to the person with little to no knowlage about what he does, is a learning experience that you will not quickly forget.

His artwork ranges from what you will see painted on his walls, to sketches done in a standard ball point pen. When we first asked about the mediums that he would use on a regular basis, he just opened the door to a darker area, and pointed. It was full of brushes, canvas, oils, acrylics, pencils, pens, and the like. It was obvious that he is not just an artist 'in' the skin, but also one that appreciates all mediums of art.

One thing that Mickey prides himself on is his understanding of people, and with that he uses his teachings from his years of schooling to help bring to life what his customers want with just their words and faces to describe what they are looking for. If we ever have the chance to work with Mickey Scalzo again, it would be an honor!"

- New England Gazette September 2005

"We got to meet Mickey while he was pushing his crate of goodies in. He seemed like a good guy with a strong handshake and sense of humor about him. We asked him a few questions for you to read, and here is what he had to say..."

TATS: Mickey, you've had an oppertunity to tattoo all around the world now, where is the one place you would love to call home?
MICKEY: Croatia. It's the most beautiful country I have ever seen, and the people are the strongest I have met. Having overcome hardships that I could never handle and still smiling about it, makes you realize how good we have it.
TATS: Youre always here at these conventions and we have seen you win multiple awards for your work. How is it that you remain one of the 'unknown' artists?
MICKEY: There is no reason for me to pretend that being in the limelight isn't fun, I have had my time of playing in bands, and being on stage for numerous reasons, and for now, I would rather my clients, the ones who actually paid me for this work, to show off what they have bought. I was only a pawn in that transaction.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
MICKEY: Married with children I hope. I'm getting old and want to have someone to take care of. I will probably open another small shop in CT or move over seas, and try to settle in the earth and just lay my head."

- A Tattoo Society (DVD Movie) April 2010



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